Rainwater HOG

How much rain can Rainwater HOG store? As much as you want it to, and as much as you need!

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Storing and reusing your rainwater is simple with HOGs. They are easy to handle, easy to install and you can add additional 50 gallon/190 liter HOGs to your existing installation at any time. HOGs work equally well vertically, horizontally or on their sides.  The robust 1/4inch (6mm) wall thickness of the HOG tank means you can use HOGs over and over to suit your changing needs.

The key to successful rainwater re-use is understanding your monthly rainfall, and your monthly water needs, and using a robust tank that is UV-stabilized and impervious to light.  If you want to use the rainwater with a pump, or bring it inside a building to flush toilets or wash clothes, we recommend a first flush diverter in addition to our Inlet Filter.  We are also happy to help you select pumps, hose fittings, level indicators and other useful rainwater fittings.

HOGs are in use all over the world, watering vegetables, irrigating gardens, flushing toilets and washing laundry.  We can help you plan how best to optimize your Rainwater HOGs. Join us!

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“Green Starts at Home” says David Gottfriend  – and for him that includes 8 HOGS

"Green Starts at Home" says David Gottfriend

Materials: Food-grade polyethylene (MDPE) complies with AS2070, FDA and HPB Regulatory standards for food contact. Brass and nylon threaded fittings

HOG may be special-ordered in 30% recycled plastic for non-potable applications.

Sustainability: HOGs and fittings are reusable, and the materials are recyclable.

Sizing: An easy single person carry, HOG weighs 44lb/20kg empty, and holds 50 gallons/190 liters when full.

Colors: HOG Olive Green is standard. Custom colors available.

Where can a Rainwater HOG be installed?

The Rainwater HOG can also be used in your housing structure, under your housing structure, or fixed to the sides of your house or along your fence. The Rainwater HOG can also be used under your deck or patio, and along your garden bed.

HOGs Installed Horizontally

The Rainwater HOG can be positioned horizontally, for instance below a deck.

HOGs Installed Vertically

…or vertically, for instance along the side of a house.

For more ideas on how our customers are using their very own Rainwater HOG systems, keep an eye on the Case Studies. We’ll update this section with new installations the world over!